April the injured badger
12th April 2012
A two month old badger cub found wandering along a road in Ashdon, near Saffron Walden

April, a two month old female badger cub found wandering along a road in Ashdon, Nr Saffron Walden 12.4.2012 In this picture she is being treated for an eye infection. We discovered later that she had a problem in the mouth where there was a hole through the bone under the eye. Both problems have now been sorted and she is recovering well. We do not know what happened to her mother or any of the brothers and sisters. April may have just strayed from the sett and got lost. She will have a future with other badgers of the same age and released into the wild around September/October 2012.

April's Operation 26th April 2012
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These photos are of a graphic nature.

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How do you like my Poodle cut?

April has just come back from the Bishop’s Stortford Veterinary Hospital after having some skin taken from her left leg to carry out the skin graft on the roof of her mouth to cover a hole that goes through the bone under the eye.

Lucky and April

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